Stegner Green Bag Series


January 16th: “New Directions in State Public Trust Doctrines in a Climate Change Era”

January 23rd: “Free, Prior, and Informed Consent: Observations on the Role of Extractive Industries in Advancing Human Rights for Indigenous Peoples”

February 6th: “Common Ground on Hostile Turf: Stories from an Environmental Mediator”



January 17th: “The Wasatch Choice for 2040: A Regional Vision for Land Use and Transportation”

February 7th: “Renewable Energy Development and Finance: Market Drivers and Key Contractual Relationships”

February 14th: “American Indians and the Constructed ‘Wilderness” of Yellowstone”

March 27th: ” Salt Lake City’s Sustainable Code Revision Initiative”

April 5th: “Partnering with the Planet and Ourselves: Lawyers and Environmental Stewardship”

April 9th: “The Future of the World’s Birds in the 21st Century”


January 12th: “Asthma and Air Pollution: Associations Between Asthma Emergency Department Visits, PM 2.5 Levels, and Temperature Inversions in Salt Lake Country, Utah”

January 25th: “Yellowstone Science and Its Relationship to Modern Society and the Environment”

February 10th: “Mercury Programs in Utah”

February 15th: “Mysteries of Utah Water Law … Fact or Fiction?”

February 23rd: “Behind the Red Curtain: Environmental Concerns in the End of Communism”

March 29th: “Remedying the Misuse of Nature: Toward a New, Expanded Version of Natural Resource Damages”

April 6th: “The Polluters: The Making of Our Chemically Altered Environment”

September 28th: “Coal, Climate and the Last Energy Crisis”

November 8th: “Biodiversity and Habitat Conservation: Lessons from Working Ranches”


February 9th: “Proximal Exposure of Utah Schoolchildren to Airborne Pollutants from Major Roadways”

March 29th: “Nuclear Power: The Silver Bullet, Or Shooting Ourselves in the Foot”

April 6th: “The Shift from Oil and Gas to Renewable Energy Development in the West: Should We Expect the Landscape and Wildlife Impacts to Differ?”

September 14th: “Environmental Crimes Prosecutions in Utah: Background and Case”

October 5th: “Unhealthy Air in the Salt Lake Valley”

November1st: “The Good Use of Nature”

November 9th: “Why Agencies, Appellate Courts, and Environmental Cases Don’t Mix: A Fresh Look at Standing Doctrine”


February 10th: “Lake Powell Pipeline Boon or Bust?”

April 30th: “Geospatial Cognition and Understanding Global Energy Systems”

September 22nd: “The Business of Renewable Energy”

October 6th: “Utah Wilderness Politics after the Washington County Land Use Bill”

November 10th: ” Solar Electricity Markets and Electric Utilities: The Myth”


January 15th: “Sustainability in Building and Design”

January 22nd: “Sustainable Development and Management of Ski Resorts”

February 5th: “From Arctic Terns to Wolverines: Wildlife Conservation in the West”

March 25th: “Working to Protect a Hemispherically Important Ecosystem: The Great Salt Lake”

April 2nd: “Solving the Conservation Easements Puzzle”

September 23rd: “Development vs. Preservation in Another Dimension: India’s Environmental Activists, Issues They Face, and Tools of Their Trade”

November 4th: “The Transition- Flipping Utah’s Switch Towards a Renewable Energy Future”


January 23rd: “Secrets of an Oil Man in the Rockies”

February 13th: “The Other Side of the Tracks: How Transportation Facilities Can Make or Break your Neighborhood”

September 25th: “Air Quality along the Wasatch Front: Sacrificing Human Health”

October 16th: “Environmental Regulation of Federal Lands and Activities: Uncle Sam as a Regulated Entity”

November 13th: “Why State Standing in Massachusetts v. EPA Matters”


September 9th: Utah 2050: “Life with 6 Million of your Closest Friends”

October 17th: “Pollution and the Arctic: 200 Years of Man-Made Climate Change”

November 14th: “Boom Times for Utah’s Natural Resource Extractive Industries”