Current Index to Legal Periodicals

Current Index to Legal Periodicals (CILP)

CILP is a current awareness tool which indexes over 570 legal publications and sends out weekly emails with information on the most recent legal publications.  Information in CILP is available 4-6 weeks before commercial legal periodical indexes such at the Index to Legal Periodicals and the Current Law Index.  Electronic subscribers receive the full text of CILP each week. After setting up a SmartCILP profile, subscribers receive an additional e-mail message each week that focuses only on the subject headings and journals they select. SmartCILP profiles can be changed at any time as research needs change. As part of the CILP email, complete tables of contents of all journals indexed are included.  Items published are organized within 100 relevant subject headings.  To set up a profile, please contact Associate Director Suzanne Darais (