Library Copywork – Step 1

Identify Your Consulting Reference Librarian

  • A consulting reference librarian will be assigned to your project before you can begin checking out materials for your project with the information desk on level one. The librarian will be your primary contact for:
    • Locating sources
    • Helping with interlibrary loan requests
    • Waiver of circulation rules
    • Any other problems you may encounter during your copywork pull
  • An editor should contact Valeri Craigle to register ALL projects BEFORE assignments are given to student copy workers.

    Valeri Craigle

  • Valeri will assign each project a consulting librarian, notify the librarian involved, create a master list of projects with assigned librarians and notify the editor of which librarian has been assigned to which projects. The editor can then give the assignment to the copyworkers along with the name of the liaison librarian.
  • Copywork students should introduce themselves, either by e-mail or in person, to their consulting librarians and determine their librarian’s office hours and office location.
  • For routine or easily answered questions (e.g., Do we have this journal anywhere on campus?), students can feel free to ask the librarian who is currently on the reference desk. However, for problems or difficult inquiries copywork students should go to their respective consulting librarian.
    • Please note that there are no reference hours on weekends. Therefore, whenever possible, copywork students should plan to work on projects during the week when their assigned librarian is available to assist them.