Retired Staff

Retired Staff and Librarians

We remember our former colleagues and appreciate their contributions to the Law Library.

  Laura Ngai 1972-2019
Laura Ngai began working at the law library in July of 1972 when George Grossman was the library director. She intended to stay for one year. After 15 years in cataloging, Laura took over authority control for two years and then moved to interlibrary loan and document delivery where she worked for 30 years. She retired in June 2019 after 47 years at the law library. She enjoys spending time with her family – husband Ray, son Jeffrey, daughter-in-law Kristina, and her granddaughter Allison.
  Lee Warthen 1985-2016
Lee Warthen began working at the Quinney Law Library in September 1985 as Head of Public Services, quickly becoming acting Assistant Director. Over the course of his time at the University of Utah, Lee served as Acting Director of the Documents Division at the Marriott Library for 6 months, and as the acting director of the Quinney Law Library. He served as the Assistant Director of the Quinney Law Library for many years. He was in charge of the library collection and for facilities (the building itself) in our old building. Lee was largely responsible for the layout of the collection in the new building. He was an adjunct professor at the College of Law, teaching many generations of law students how to perform legal research. Lee retired in May 2016 after 30 years of service and remains a Librarian Emeritus at the Faust Law Library. He passed away in September, 2016.
  Linda Stephenson 1986-2015
Linda Stephenson joined the Quinney Law Library in 1986 as the only reference librarian. She built up the reference department and during her time at the law library, she held various positions including Head of Reference and Head of Information Access Services, which comprised all public services including circulation and reference. She also managed the faculty services program for many years. As an adjunct professor at the College of Law, Linda taught legal research to generations of law students in the legal research component of the first-year legal writing course and in advanced legal research. She retired in December, 2015 and is a Librarian Emerita at the Faust Law Library.
  John Bevan 1979-2013
John Bevan began working at the Quinney Law Library in 1979. During his time at the law library, he worked at the reference desk, managed our government documents, and was in charge of acquisitions. He was also heavily involved in collection development. He worked with the faculty and performed research when needed. He retired from the law library in December 2013.
  Adrienne Larson 1977-2012
Adrienne Larson began working at the Quinney Law Library in 1977. She was the primary cataloger for 35 years, retiring in 2012. For many years, Adrienne contributed her expert skills to the Christmas library service project of making quilts for children in need.
  Rita Reusch 1986-2012
Rita Reusch joined the College of Law as Library Director and Professor of Law in 1986. Her tenure as library director spanned almost three decades — from pre-Internet to teaching tech-savvy students in a multiple electronic device world. She was an expert in intellectual property law and taught various IP classes, as well as basic and advanced legal research. She was a leader in the law library community, serving locally in the Utah Academic Library Consortium and the Desert States Law Libraries Consortium and on a number of national committees in the American Association of Law Libraries, the American Bar Association Section of Legal Education, and the American Association of Law Schools Section on Libraries. Rita was heavily involved in the programming phase for the College of Law’s new facility. She retired in June 2012 after 26 years of service and is a Professor Emerita at the College of Law.
  Ellen Ouyang 1975-2009
Ellen Ouyang joined the Quinney Law Library in 1975. She was the Head of Technical Services, managing interlibrary loan and all aspects of purchasing and processing books. During her time at the library, the integrated library system changed twice and she worked with the team of campus librarians to implement the migration of millions of catalog records from one library system to another. She performed all of the original cataloging and was able to step into any technical service role and fulfil it seamlessly when needed. As part of her job responsibilities, Ellen worked on the reference team and helped locate information for faculty as needed. She retired from the law library in 2009.
  Janeen Ward 1986-2005
Janeen Ward joined the Quinney Law Library in 1986. She worked in serials processing and was also responsible for stack maintenance and preservation of library materials. With her keen attention to detail, she kept the library in order. She retired from the law library in 2005.