Library Maps


Floor Stack Area Materials
Level 1 Reading Room Reference, Encyclopedias, Practice Materials (including Form Books)
Open Shelving Nolo books (Pro Se), current codes (AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, NY, OR, & WA), Utah historical codes & pocket parts, Laws of Utah, Utah House & Senate Journals, Utah Reports/Reporter, Pacific Digest, Pacific Reporter, ALRs,
US Code, current CFR
Compact Shelving Main Monographs JX-KZ
Level 2 Classroom Decennial Digests, Boyce Books
North Shelving and Wall Supreme Court Reporters, Federal Register (last 5 years), Statutes at Large, USCCAN, Federal digests, Utah Briefs, Journals, student study aids (wall)
Level 3 Open Shelving (Bridge) Congressional documents, Select agency documents, Utah agency documents, old CFR (past 5 years), UK materials, State Reports pre-West
North Shelving Main monographs A-JV, L-Z
Level 4 Open Shelving (Bridge) Storage monographs A-Z
North Shelving Storage monographs A-Z (cont’d)
Level 5 Open Shelving (Bridge) Old US Code, old USCA, old state statutes