Let PDO Know Where You Are Interviewing and Where You Are Working!

PDO wants to know about what you are doing—where you worked last summer, where you are interviewing now, and where you have landed a job.  Is this because PDO is bored, with nothing else to do but bother you for details about your life?   No (although we do enjoy it)! 

First, PDO wants to know where you are interviewing/where you have callbacks for a few reasons.  Foremost, we care about and are interested in what you are doing.  We are interested to know what your career interests are and how your job search is progressing.  We may have some specific advice or direction to offer, or a student or alumnus with whom we can put you in touch.   We are also interested in which employers are interviewing our students, as it may indicate activity within certain practice areas or that certain employers are particularly interested in our students.  Finally, we want this information so that if students interview with the same employers in the future, we can offer them helpful information on successfully navigating the interview process.  By letting us know with whom you have met, you help PDO refine both the “big picture” of employment trends as well as the “fine focus” of a particular employer’s interviewing style and /or details of their summer associate program.

Second, PDO wants to know where you worked over the summer or where you are planning to

work for many of the same reasons as we want to know where you interviewed.  Additionally, it helps us to counsel you more effectively when we have a good idea of some of the experience you have had.