Law Library Closure and Move

ATTENTION: The College of Law is moving into the new building during the week of July 12-18. Please be patient as responses to inquiries will be slower. For library services, please read detailed info below:

By Melissa Bernstein for the Quinney Library Blog –

Library personnel and equipment are being moved as part of the ‘people move’ from July 13-17.  The library will be open that week but we are instructing patrons that there will be no reference assistance and limited services as we won’t have copiers or scanners (they are being moved).

Starting the week of July 20th, the library will be closed to the public.  The only external people permitted in the library will be recent graduates who are studying for the July bar exam, which is July 28-29.  During this time, we will be preparing the physical collection to move – putting items on book carts, labeling, etc.  We are uncertain when the library will reopen in our new space as it is dependent on the actual delivery and installation dates of the shelving in the new building.  We will try to reopen as soon as possible.  All (or most) of the library staff will be involved in the move.  ILL will remain operational so that we can meet faculty, student, and law review needs; we expect to do more borrowing than lending during this time as our collection will be scattered.

We will move over any items on summer course reserve first so that students taking summer classes will be able to access them.  These materials will be available at the main service desk in the new building (on the first floor).