How Do I Find an Attorney’s Public Contact Information?

Sometimes, you may need to find an attorney’s public contact information.  In addition to job seeking, you might need this information to send at thank you note, follow up on a work or pro bono project, or contact speakers for an event you are organizing.  Below are a few good ways to find this information.

  1. Search the bar directory for the state bar where the attorney practices.  For Utah attorneys, Utah State Bar Attorney directory can be found at: .  For other state directories, you can go to the National Conference of Bar Examiners website to get a listing.  Go to:
  2. Try Martindale, a nationwide listing of attorneys and firms: .  Here, you can also search by practice areas, schools, firm sizes and more. 
  3. Use your Lexis and Westlaw resources.
  4. Google the attorney’s name and/or check out their employer website or LinkedIn profiles.  Pretty self explanatory.
  5. Contact PDO and we will help you!