Going through a Tough Time? You are Not Alone!

Let’s be honest.  Law school can be tough for anyone.  The academic competition, test-taking, schedule-juggling, and job-finding is enough to make anyone want to escape from time to time.  Add everyday real life struggles into the mix, and sometimes, it can be too much.  If it is, the University Counseling Center is here to help. 

Ask anyone who has made it through law school, and most (of the honest ones) will recall times when they felt depressed or overwhelmed—or simply in need of someone with whom to talk.  If you are one of the many, many students who find themselves in this camp, please consider talking with professional.   The University Counseling Center makes this very easy for students, staff and faculty.  As a student, the Counseling Center offers you con-campus counseling from licensed psychologists, clinical social workers, a psychiatrist, a licensed professional counselor, and graduate students in these fields.  Inquiries and counseling are treated confidentially. The first counseling session is free, and the cost for any additional is determined based on what is reasonable for you to pay—and no one will be turned away based on an inability to pay.  Go to http://www.sa.utah.edu/counsel/index.htm for more information.  You can schedule an appointment by calling (801) 581-6826 or visiting the Counseling Center in Room 426 of the Student Services Building.