Fall Firm Crawl this Thursday: Reminders, Timing, and Tips for Success!

Over 80 of you will be attending the PDO/Young Alumni Association Fall Firm Crawl this Thursday afternoon.  (If you RSVP’d, but did not already get an email from me Monday night, let me know ASAP-somehow, I don’t have your name.).  Below some important things to remember about the Crawl, timing, and some tips to make it a success!  

Things to Remember:

The Fall Firm Crawl is a great event for learning about the downtown legal landscape, for meeting attorneys who might be mentors, interviewers, and friends in the future, and for bonding with your classmates!

You will get an email with your assigned firms/route Thursday early in the morning. 

Please have picture ID with you that day!  At least one of the firms’ building security (Holland & Hart’s) needs you to have picture ID to let you into their building.  If this presents any kind of problem for you, just let me know.  

This is NOT directly a “recruiting event” or career fair.  You are not expected to have researched the firms, to know all about their attorneys or practice areas.  This is why we don’t give you the information on where you are going until the day of the Crawl.  Representatives at the participating firms have been told this information.  You will probably stand out in a weird way (especially if you are a 1L) if you have done too much homework in this regard.


Thursday morning, before 9 am, you will get the names & order of the firms you will visit, as well as the name of your 2L or 3L “Crawl Monitor” (and a photo of them). If you don’t see an email by 9 am, email careers@law.utah.edu  (do not email only me—I will be off campus during the morning)

2:30-2:40: Meet in the GIBBY and go to the table with your assigned route indicated to meet your group, and get the firm route/map.  You will also meet up with your “Crawl Monitor”—a 2L or 3L designated to go on the Crawl with you to help with logistics and facilitate networking.  

2:52: Get to the Red Line Trax at the Stadium at 2:52.  That will take you to the Court House stop by 3:05, where you will get off the train and catch either the 3:08 NB Green Line (preferable) or 3:18 NB Blue Line.

3:25-3:30:  Arrive in the office of your first assigned firm.  Please don’t arrive earlier than 3:25.  Wait in the building lobby if you are way early.  

Tips for Making the Crawl a Success:

Conduct yourself like a professional!  This means towards your classmates, Crawl Monitor and the attorneys you meet.

Be prepared to say hello and introduce yourself.  This is not the time to be shy and never say anything.  Ideas for questions:

  • What do you do (and what area of the law)?  What does a normal day look like for you?
  • How did decide to go to law school?  What kinds of activities were you involved in?  What was your favorite?
  • How did you end of at your firm?  What makes your firm different?  What do you like about it?  What is the best part of what you do?  What does your firm value when evaluating candidates? 
  • What advice do you have for students?  

Pay attention!  If you have a lengthy conversation with an attorney, make an effort to remember their name so you can send them a thank you or reconnect with them later. Also, pay attention to what you like about the firms you visit (and any questions you might have for PDO afterwards).

Keep in mind you are getting the perspective of specific attorneys.  If someone tells you something that worries you (i.e., about grades or jobs), be polite, take it for what it is, and come talk to PDO afterwards. 

There will be alcohol at some of the firms.  If you drink, do so in moderation.  If you don’t drink, don’t be upset if others do, and don’t feel like you have to.  You don’t. 

 Dress:  Business or very dressy business casual (no jeans, shorts, summer dresses, flip flops, or risqué clothing).  Err on the side of dressier and conservative.  A suit is fine, a long sleeved shirt and tie is fine.  Dark slacks and a blouse are fine.  Keep in mind you will be walking firm to firm—wear comfortable shoes.  Mainly, I am trying to say, it’s not the best day to try out a new pair of stilettos.  (Dress shoes are great). Also, it is supposed to be reasonably warm, I think. Keep in mind, many attorneys with whom you meet will be in suits.  This is the Young Alumni Association’s comment about attire:  I think it should be suggested that the students dress business casual, or nicer.  The students should keep in mind that they may have opportunities to meet people within these firms that will be making hiring decisions and so they want to make a good impression. 

 Bring:  A few business cards if you have them.  Use them as it feels natural to do so.  Don’t stress if you don’t have them.

 Thank you’s:  Please send a thank you email or note the following day to Brian Rosander of the Young Alumni Board, who helped to organize the event.  brosander@parsonsbehle.com .  You can also send thank you notes to any attorneys that you “connected” with and would like to thank personally.  (So, keep a mental note of them—we don’t get a list of names of the attorneys who show up.) 

Participating Firms: You will all be assigned one of the national/regional firms (Ballard Spahr, Stoel Rives,

Ballard Spahr





Durham Jones & Pinegar



Holland & Hart



Jones Waldo



Kirton McConkie



Parsons Behle & Latimer



Ray Quinney & Nebeker



Richards Brandt Miller &




Snow Christensen & Martineau



Stoel Rives



Van Cott Bagley Cornwall & McCarthy (Van Cott)




Workman Nydegger