Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

Assistance Needed Staff Resource Contact Info
Faculty Travel Request Baiba Hicks – Submit Travel Request at:


Baiba.hicks@law.utah.edu or

Room 4252. Phone: -15464

Faculty Research Assistant Request Baiba Hicks – Submit Research Assistant Request at:


Baiba.hicks@law.utah.edu or

Room 4252. Phone: -15464

External Research Funding Scott Balderson

Kevin Carillo



Law Journal Submissions Resources RonNell Andersen Jones
Valeri Craigle

Resources available at: https://uofu.box.com/s/nwv1qcvirsp2okcdc8lvaqf568a190wc

Ronnell.Andersen.jones@law.utah.edu or Room 4247, Phone: 78756

Valeri.craigle@law.utah.edu or Room 5227. Phone: 55475

Tips for Publishing Op-Eds Melinda Rogers – See Op-Ed Tips folder on Box at: https://uofu.app.box.com/files/0/f/11288676979/Op-Ed_Tips Melinda.rogers@law.utah.edu or

Room 5333. Phone: 70240

Faculty Handbook Baiba Hicks – See Faculty Handbook folder on Box at:


Baiba.hicks@law.utah.edu or

Room 4252. Phone: -15464

Faculty Programs Calendar Baiba Hicks – See Programs Calendar on Box at:


Baiba.hicks@law.utah.edu or

Room 4252. Phone: -15464

Law Branding Identity Assets Melinda Rogers – See folder on Box:


Melinda.Rogers@law.utah.edu or

Room 5320. Phone: -70240

Pay for Memberships & Journal Subscriptions Your Faculty Assistant
Reimbursement for research related purchases or hosting visiting speakers Your Faculty Assistant
Faculty Travel Coordination and Reimbursement Your Faculty Assistant
Competition Travel Coordination: Emily Aplin emily.aplin@law.utah.edu or

Room 4256, phone: 15237

Guest Speakers Travel Coordination Miriam Lovin Miriam.lovin@law.utah.edu or

Room 5311. Phone: -53479

Payroll Questions Virginia Beane Virginia.beane@law.utah.edu or Room 3328. Phone: -13738
Troubleshoot problems with Office Desktop Printer Your Faculty Assistant (she will contact Service Point Rep or IT based on problem) helpme@law.utah.edu
Troubleshoot problems with Canon printers Try another Canon printer or contact Faculty Assistant or submit HelpMe ticket helpme@law.utah.edu
Customer Service needs (includes computer problems) Submit HelpMe ticket; SOS (Service on Site) staff will route request helpme@law.utah.edu; urgent computer problems: ext. 16438
Facilities problems Submit HelpMe ticket; SOS (Service on Site) staff will route request helpme@law.utah.edu
Phone problems Submit HelpMe ticket; SOS (Service on Site) staff will route request helpme@law.utah.edu
Updates to faculty webpage Valeri Craigle Valeri.craigle@law.utah.edu
Upload articles to SSRN Valeri Craigle Valeri.craigle@law.utah.edu
Copyright permissions Faculty Asst. will consult library liaison for assistance; then process paperwork.