Externship Application Process

Externship Application Process

In advance of each upcoming semester, the College of Law (COL) will hold an Externship Application Process, which includes a two-week application window when applications for externships will be accepted. Most of the available externship opportunities will follow this process. However, some placements, such as the U.S. Dept. of Interior or the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, have separate application processes and deadlines that may not align with the COL’s application window. Students who are interested in externship opportunities for future semesters are encouraged to monitor the 12Twenty job board throughout the year, and during the COL’s application window.

Applications for externship opportunities that are advertised as a part of the COL’s Externship Application Process will only be accepted during the advertised application window.

If there is an externship opportunity that you are interested in that is not advertised on the job board, please set up some time to speak with the Associate Director of Clinical Programs. We are here to help!

  1. Login to 12Twenty and go to the OCI and Job Listings tab on the left side of the screen.










  1. Ensure you are on the “All” tab under “OCI and Job Listings.”







  1. Use the “Type of Job” filter to view “Externship” postings only.








Note: You can turn on email alerts for this search to monitor additional externship opportunities as they are posted.

  1. Review available opportunities and determine which interest you, with the following considerations in mind:
    • Students may apply for up to three separate externship opportunities.
    • Students may not repeat placements that they have already worked with in past externships unless they can demonstrate that the subsequent experience will be considerably different from the original.
    • Students applying for a JUDICIAL EXTERNSHIP through the College of Law’s Externship Application Process may not apply to participate in any other kind of externship. An application for a Judicial Externship constitutes a commitment to participate and withdrawal will only be permitted in extraordinary circumstances.
    • Students may only participate in one externship per semester.
  1. Follow the application instructions in the posting. The application process may vary from externship to externship.
    • As noted above, applications for externship opportunities that are advertised as a part of the Clinical Program’s application process will only be accepted during the advertised application window.
    • Any unfilled externship opportunities remaining at the end of the application window will be re-opened for an additional period of time.
    • Students who are applying for a JUDICIAL EXTERNSHIP and plan to submit applications to more than one court must specify the order of preference in the statement of interest that is uploaded with the application. For example:

My first preference is the U.S. District Court, my second preference is the Utah Supreme Court, and my third preference is the Utah Court of Appeals.

  1. At the end of the application window, application materials will be distributed to each of the externship placements for review and decision. Students should expect a decision on their applications within two weeks of the application window closing, but no later than the last day of classes for the current semester.
    • With the exception of judicial externship applications, students are not required to accept an externship offer. However, once an offer has been once accepted, students will only be permitted to withdraw in extraordinary circumstances, subject to the Clinical Program’s approval.
    • If a student receives multiple externship offers, the student is expected to promptly decide which of the offers, if any, will be accepted and communicate that decision to the appropriate parties as quickly as possible.
  1. Once offers have been accepted and all placements have been confirmed, students will receive a course number that will allow them to enroll in the desired number of externship credits as well as the companion course that pairs with their placement.
    • Enrollment in a companion course is an ABA requirement.
    • Students who are completing their first semester in an externship* are required to enroll in Learning from Practice (2 cr./graded), which is designed to enhance and supplement the learning that takes place at the externship site. In this course, students are asked to engage in critical thought and reflection about the legal profession, their own career goals, and their professional priorities and values. Topics include learning from supervision, professionalism and ethics, self-reflection, professional identity and development, legal problem solving, oral and written communication, collaboration, diversity and bias, and lawyers’ well-being.
    • Students who are completing a second or subsequent externship* will be enrolled in Advanced Learning from Practice (1 cr./graded), which builds upon the topics covered in Learning from Practice. This course involves regular assignments and meetings with the professor and will only meet occasionally as a class.

*Note: For Spring 2020, students enrolled in Criminal Clinic will continue to take Criminal Process, those enrolled in Judicial Clinic will take Judicial Process, and those enrolled in New Ventures placements will continue to take the New Ventures Course.

    • Students are required to competently complete 50 hours of relevant legal work for every 1 credit (P/F) awarded in an externship. Most externships/clinics require 100-150 hours of work over the course of a semester (which equates to approximately 8-12 hours of work per week) to receive 2 or 3 (P/F) credits. 
    • Students are expected to discuss and confirm the number of externship credits they plan to take with the placement supervisor prior to enrollment. Once the Add/Drop deadline has passed, students will not be allowed to modify the number of credits enrolled.
  1. Prior to starting their externships, students are required to complete the following tasks:
    • Sign a Student Agreement Form confirming they have read and understand the Externship Expectations and Guidelines.
    • Attend an externship orientation, if this is their first externship experience.