Externship Application Process

Externship Application Process

Here is a list of FAQ’s about externships for your reference, and here is a description of the general application process, along with more specific instructions for judicial placements:

Step 1: Finding an Externship Placement

Here are the three main ways to find an externship placement:

  1. Search and apply for open externship positions in 12Twenty. In the “Job Type” column, you can click “Externship” to filter for designated externship positions. Follow any specific application instructions in the posting.
  2. Review the List of Approved Externship Placements and contact supervisors on this list directly.
  3. Apply to establish a new placement with an organization that is not on this list by filling out the New Placement Approval Form.

Step 2: Confirming a Placement

Once you’ve been selected for an externship position, fill out the Externship Confirmation Form. You must include the name and email address of your supervisor on this form so that we can confirm you plans with the organization.

Step 3: Enrolling for Externship Credit

Once we receive your Externship Confirmation Form and have confirmed plans with your supervisor, we will email you your registration codes for Externship Credit and either Learning from Practice (2 credits) or Advanced Learning from Practice (1 credit). You will then enroll yourself in these courses. 

*Special Instructions for Judicial Placements*

Some judges prefer direct application to their chambers, and some judges participate in a centralized application process organized by the College of Law.

Judicial placements will be posted on 12Twenty during a two-week application window each semester. You are also welcome to arrange a judicial placement outside of this process.

Once you’ve been offered a placement with a judge, please fill out the Externship Confirmation Form as soon as possible so that we can remove your name from consideration in other chambers.

Please note, an application for a judicial placement constitutes a commitment to participate, and withdrawal will only be permitted in extraordinary circumstances. If you apply for a judicial externship and are offered a placement, you MUST accept the offer.

Instructions for 12Twenty

1. Log in to 12Twenty and go to the OCI and Job Listings tab on the left side of the screen.








2. Ensure you are on the “All” tab under “OCI and Job Listings.”






3. Use the “Type of Job” filter to view “Externship” postings only.






Note: You can turn on email alerts for this search to monitor additional externship opportunities as they are posted.