Eco-Friendly Fonts Save Paper and Ink

By The Green Team

Sometimes it’s truly the little things that matter. In addition to printing double-sided documents you can further reduce paper and ink use by being conscientious about your selection of fonts. To start, avoid serif fonts, which have little tails on the ends of the letters that use up more ink. Century Gothic is one of the most eco-friendly fonts, with Garamond, Times New Roman, and Courier being good alternatives. There are also Ecofonts, which have tiny holes in each letter and are purported to save 20 percent more ink than traditional eco-friendly fonts. You can up the savings by picking a smaller font size; instead of the standard 12 point, go for 10 points or compromise for 11 points if 10 point is too small. This will also reduce the number of pages. You can also print in grayscale instead of black, further reducing your ink usage. Finally, be sure to recycle your printing cartridges and your paper (once it has been used on both sides).