Early-OCI Report: Feedback from Employers

We have been hearing feedback from employers on how OCI is progressing.  Almost uniformly, the employers have been thoroughly impressed by your résumés and interviews.  They have commented on:

  • how interesting you are,
  • how good your questions for them are, and
  • how you don’t come across as “cookie cutter” candidates.  In fact, they have indicated that callback decisions will be very difficult, due to the great interviews!

We haven’t heard any truly worrisome complaints from employers, and you should be commended for that.  Still, there is always room for improvement. 

  • There have been a few typos here and there on résumés and cover letters—something to triple check for in the future.
  • Follow the interviewer’s lead with regard to asking them questions.  You will have some questions prepared, but keep in mind some may arise during the course of the interviewer.  Sometimes, the interviewer will ask you “What questions do you have for me?” very early on in the interview.  If so, ask some questions!  If not, keep in mind interviewers will typically want to ask you a few questions to get things rolling, generally about your background, law school, resume items and why you applied to their firm.  Give them space to do that, but feel free to ask questions in a conversational way if they come up.  It’s kind of like a first date.    
  • Also, during a few of the initial interviews it can be hard to relax and have a conversation with the employer across the table.   Still, do your best to calm down, smile, and remember that the interviewer is interested in talking to you. 
  • Finally, wherever you are applying, be prepared to explain why you want to work for the particular employer and reside where they are located. 

If you have feedback or questions on employers or interviewers which you would like to share with PDO, please come and see us.  If you get a callback, let Anneliese or Jaclyn know.  If you get an offer, please be sure to ask for the time you need to consider it, and let us know!