Dates for Fall On Campus Interviews Announced

Fall recruiting starts August 23, the day before the fall semester begins.  PDO already has employers signing up, and we’re excited to report that the first two days are almost filled!  Critical dates for fall recruiting are listed below.

May 14 – Students begin reviewing employers in Symplicity.  Note that you will be able to see employers hiring for your “rising” class year.

July 22 – Last day for employers to sign up for on campus interviews.

July 23 to  August 5 at 5:00 pm – Students apply for jobs through Symplicity.

August 17 to August 18 – Students learn whether they were selected for interviews and sign up for their interview slots.

August 23 to October 1 – On campus interviews.

August 24 – First day of the fall semester of law school.