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Health Law Externships

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Health law externships introduce students to current issues in medical care and treatment, including how to assure the quality of care and how to make medical care broadly available. Students work in a wide variety of settings in which the issues of quality and access arise. Various health law courses provide a forum for students to share their experiences and explore these issues in greater depth.

Placements:  Students are placed with a variety of health lawyers/health care institutions in the community and may include malpractice counsel, insurance companies, regulatory institutions, or professional associations.  Placements may also be arranged with health care providers or financing organizations.  Placements are individually arranged by the instructor in consultation with the student. Sample placements include:

  • Intermountain Healthcare Central Office Legal Department:  In-house counsel (general) or compliance
  • University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics:  Risk Management Office or HIPAA Privacy Office
  • ARUP Laboratories