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The Hinckley Institute of Politics Global Program currently places students in full-time internships in key locations in more than 40 countries.  The goal of the global program is to provide students with experience in global public policy, service, business, and politics as well as to foster greater understanding among peoples, cultures, and governments.  A complete description of the program is on the Hinckley Institute Global website.

Placements:  Hinckley Global externs have opportunities to participate in global affairs, global relations, government, and nonprofit work. The Hinckley Institute may allow a student to set up his own externship placement. Students who arrange their own placements should submit a proposal to the Hinckley Institute with other application materials.

Application:  The Hinckley Institute website has full details on the application process and deadlines.

Course:  In addition to Learning From Practice, students will take HNKLY 6923 Internship:  Graduate Global (3 cr./graded), syllabus. This course includes readings pertinent to the internship placement, a policy paper, reflective essays, and weekly emails to the Clinical Program and Hinckley Institute of Politics. The supervisor evaluation of the intern is 25% of the student’s grade.

Registration: To register for the Hinckley course, students must obtain a registration permission number from the Hinckley Institute and complete the “Petition for Non-Law School Credit” form. The College of Law Registrar will arrange registration after the student submits the completed form and permission number. Students must earn a “B” or better for the course to count towards the student’s law school graduation requirements. To enroll in the externship, students must coordinate with the Clinical Program after their placement has been confirmed by the Hinckley Institute.

Scholarships:  Scholarships may be available from Hinckley or the Study Abroad Office.  For more information see the Hinckley Institute Scholarship Page and the Student Fee Learning Abroad Scholarship through the Learning Abroad office. This is a lottery-based scholarship.  More information can be found here: http://www.learningabroad.utah.edu/handbook/ogescholarships.php.

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