How I Got My Public Interest Job: Betsy Haws, Salt Lake Attorney’s Office

In this edition of ‘How I got my job,’ PDO continues to focus on lawyers who work in the public interest and government field. Today we feature Betsy Haws, who left the law firm life to work at the Salt Lake City Attorney’s Office. Read on for Betsy’s advice on how building a solid reputation and networking worked to her advantage in her job search.

How Do I Use My Business Cards?

Many of you recently ordered business cards through PDO. Some of you may be wondering how you will use them. Read on for a few ideas, based on reports from 2L’s and 3L’s.

OCI: the 5 Most Kiss-Up Questions You Can Ask (Just for Laughs)

At this point in Fall Recruiting, I think we may all need a laugh. For those of you agree, and for those who struggle to think of the best question to ask your interviewer, read on!

Market Watch: Big Firms will Continue to Feel the Pinch

Those who monitor the legal economy believe that the largest of firms will continue to feel the economic squeeze, possibly resulting in layoffs at these firms or even dissolution of a few more of them. Read on for more information about current legal market trends.

How I Got My Job: Laura Boswell, Staff Attorney, Disability Law Center (SJQ 2009)

With the Public Interest Crawl coming up on September 26th, some of you may be wondering what do public interest lawyers do and how did they get their jobs. This month, PDO will focus on public interest and government legal careers in its “How I got my job” section of the Career Brief. In this edition, we start with Laura Boswell, a staff attorney with the Disability Law Center and a 2009 alum of the S.J. Quinney Law School. Read on for more information.

Panel Etiquette

PDO really appreciates the enthusiasm and participation at our events so far this year. We are open to suggestions for new topics or improvements. You can either email or leave us a note in the PDO mailbox in the main office, if you would rather be anonymous. Read on for more information.

Public Interest and Government Crawl

Mark Wednesday, September 26th on your calendars! PDO, in conjunction with PILO & And Justice For All, will sponsor a Public Interest/Government “Crawl” at the Community Legal Building on 205 N. 400 W. (just north of the Gateway mall). Read on for more information!

How Do I Find an Attorney’s Public Contact Information?

Sometimes, you may need to find an attorney’s public contact information. In addition to job seeking, you might need this information to send at thank you note, follow up on a work or pro bono project, or contact speakers for an event you are organizing. Read on for some good ways to find this information.

Post-Interview Thank You Notes

Thank you notes should be emailed or handwritten to all employers with whom you have had contact, especially during OCI. Read on for some tips.

Tips for Phone/Skype Interviews

Many times, government agencies and other out-of-town employers will ask to conduct an initial interview via telephone. Additionally, Skype/videoconference interviews are becoming increasingly common. Read on for tips on how to handle these types of interviews.