Gun Violence Research in America

By Carlos Quijada for The US is experiencing frequent mass shootings and gun violence, and we don’t seem to know why.  In 2015, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimated 36,252 people lost their lives in the US because of gun violence, a significant 7.8% increase from 2014 The American Medical Association (AMA) has […]

Apply for the Short Course on Effective Natural Resources Collaboration!

By Katherine Daly for “With my legal training and forty years of litigation practice, I came to the Environmental Dispute Resolution Short Course a doubting Thomas, not entirely convinced that collaboration would be a useful tool in resolving the types of environmental disputes that typically end up in a courtroom.” Scott Berry, Board Chair, […]

Working the Accommodation Puzzle: A Year in the Life of a Student Researcher

By Katie Cox for Truth be told, I sort of stumbled into the field of disability law and have quickly discovered a passion for it.  Almost a year ago, I was made aware of and encouraged to apply for a small grant program by a faculty member.  Soon after, I had the pleasure of […]

The Sweet Sound of Collaboration

By Cody Lutz for As a graduate student fellow with the Environmental Dispute Resolution (EDR) Program, I’ve been working on various community-based conflicts and challenges. One such challenge has been helping the Town of Springdale, Utah (just outside the south entrance of Zion National Park) to engage stakeholders in a collaborative process to address […]

Cultivating a Culture of Environmental and Natural Resources Collaboration in Utah

By Danya Rumore Unhealthy air quality. Growing demands for water in an arid state. Conflicts over public lands and how those lands should be managed. These are just a few environmental and natural resources challenges here in Utah that we hear “keep people up at night.” Such challenges are indeed daunting, and they will not […]

Biosimilars, Shall We Do the Patent Dance?

By Erika Hanson The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is widely known for mandating health insurance coverage. Many of us don’t know that ACA also provided a way for pharmaceutical drugs known as “biologics” to be more affordable to consumers by having a provision known as the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act of 2009 (BPCI […]

EDR Blog Year in Review: 2017

By Angela Turnbow As I look back on the EDR Blogs we’ve posted in the last 12 months, I find myself inspired and energized by the many examples of collaboration and strategies for how to build bridges among individuals, stakeholder groups, and communities our authors have shared. This past year’s blogs provide information on conflict […]

2018 Law and Biomedicine Colloquium Series

By Angela Turnbow The Center for Law and Biomedical Sciences will kick-off their 4th annual Law and Biomedicine Colloquium series beginning Wednesday, January 10th with the first speaker Elizabeth D. Winter, Vice President and General Counsel for the University of Utah. The series will run the first eight weeks of Spring semester, and will feature […]

Mindfulness for mediators, innovators and problem solvers

By Mary Dumas for Complexity and conflict can interfere with our ability to listen accurately and sustain focused attention when serving as a mediator or engaging in a collaboration endeavor. However, mindfulness principles and practices help mediators, innovators and collaboration participants by increasing awareness of changing conditions and sharpening focused attention during the creation […]

A New Way of Doing Business? Collaborating with the U.S. Forest Service

By Kailey Kornhauser for In 2012 the US Forest Service adopted a new Planning Rule. Planning Rules are policy that regulate how the Forest Service conducts management planning processes and monitoring. These plans include components regarding wildlife, recreation, roads, wilderness, conservation, fire, and more. The 2012 Planning Rule introduced a new way of doing […]