Alumni Talk about the Clinical Program

Mark Jarvis and Nic Mills are among five students from the Class of 2011  who were honored with the David T. Lewis Clinical Award for graduating seniors who have shown outstanding achievement in the Clinical Program. Read on to learn what Mark and Nic are doing now and how their work in the Clinical Program prepared them for it.

Mark Jarvis:  I’m convinced that NOTHING in law school prepares you for your career like clinical work does.  I took all the clinical credits I could, and I wouldn’t change that for the world.  Doing clinical work helped me make the decision to open my own law firm and decide what kind of law I would practice.  The experience was, in a word, invaluable. 

Mark was also the Utah State Bar’s 2011 Pro Bono Law Student of the Year.  Clinics Mark participated in included: Judicial Clinic – U.S. District Court; Civil Clinic – Utah Legal Services and Mentors for Moms; and Criminal Clinic – Salt Lake Legal Defenders.

Nic Mills:  I am working in Carson City, NV for the Nevada Supreme Court as a Staff Attorney.  I spend a lot of time reviewing trial proceedings, researching legal issues, and assisting in drafting judicial orders.

I think my clinical experiences helped me incredibly.  In several interviews, I have been asked about my experiences with the Innocence clinic and the Criminal Clinic.  It really impresses employers that you have interviewed clients, reviewed case files, and handled cases.  My present employers were really impressed that I had tried cases in the Criminal Clinic and presented my findings to the Rocky Mountain Innocence Center’s case oversight committee.  I cannot adequately express how beneficial my clinical experiences have been. 

Nic’s clinics included:   Innocence Clinic; Civil Clinic – Guardian ad Litem; and Criminal Clinic – Salt Lake City Prosecutor.