All Students: Plan to Attend the Career Fair Thursday, January 12!

On Thursday, January 12 (3:00-4:30 p.m.), come dressed in professional attire to network at PDO’s Annual Career Fair!  As of today, 40 firms, public interest organizations, and government offices will attend!  This is the most we have ever had, so we are really excited.

Career Fair Nuts and Bolts:

Who Should Attend?  All students.  There are many employers who may be looking to hire 1L’s and 2L’s, but there are also employers, such as the smaller firms, whose hiring is a less predictable or OCI-based.  They may be looking in the future for associate attorneys!

Why Should I Attend?  This is a way to quickly and painlessly meet and make a great impression on dozens of legal employers.  Each year, Anneliese hears from employers who say that they might not have interviewed X, Y or Z had they not met them at the Career Fair.  In this economy, you don’t want to miss any (easy) chance to rub shoulders with practicing attorneys.  It’s also kind of fun.  This is an informational fair, and there will not be formal interviewing.  PDO has seen, however, students land interviews and jobs after making a good impression at the Career Fair.  (See this week’s “How I Got My Job Feature!”) Also, it shows your interest in employers, can provide great fodder for those cover letters (which can be challenging) and you may actually learn something!

When: Thursday, January 12, 2011, 3:00-4:30 pm.

Where: College of Law Foyer, Hallway by PDO, and the Gibby.

What Employers are Attending?  Here is the link to more information on the confirmed attendees, including websites if they are available:    Yellow highlighted employers are government and public interest agencies, orange are small firms/firms which don’t typically do OCI, and green are financial service groups.  Keep in mind, this is subject to change.  Research employers ahead of time.  Find out primary practice areas, firm size, etc.  This information is usually on the websites.  You do not need to do exhaustive research, or know every detail about each employer.  The week of the Fair, PDO will email a map of the employers who are expected to come, so you can prioritize as you see fit.

Attire:  Business.  For men – Suits with a tie, or tie and buttoned-down shirt.  For women – Suit or your most professional outfit.  A very professional skirt and blouse, or dress, is acceptable.  No sundresses, fishnets, miniskirts, jeans, t-shirts, please.

Business cards: Bring them if you have them. Offer them to employers as it seems appropriate to you.  It is an easy way for the employer to remember you.

Résumés, on good quality paper (the copy center has bond paper).  Not everyone will want them, but bring about 15 copies.  If you don’t use them at the Career Fair, you can send them out as part of application packets.

Prepare questions to ask the employers.  Ask open-ended questions about the employer, what they like about their work, and what advice they might have for you as law students.

Demeanor:  Be pleasant and attentive to the speaker.  Smile, shake hands firmly, nod, and make eye contact!  Thank them for their time.  Be courteous to your fellow students by not monopolizing an employer.  Being overly aggressive won’t make a good impression anyway.  Talk to employers who don’t seem busy-they will appreciate it.   Make an effort to stop by every table—you never know which employer might interest you, or find you interesting! Send thank you’s to those you connect with-PDO will provide email addresses after the fair.