Residency for Tuition

Residency Requirements for Tuition Purposes      

Current Policy

Students currently attending the S.J. Quinney College of Law who are coded as non-residents for tuition purposes are required to pay non-resident tuition and fees (Utah Code Annotated 1953, 53B-8-102). Under current University of Utah policy, non-residents are able to apply for residency after successfully completing 40 law school credit hours and residing in Utah for the twelve continuous months immediately prior to the first day of class for the academic term in which the student wishes to be considered a resident. To earn 40 credits within 12 months requires attending summer school for ten credits after completing the first-year curriculum. Summer school tuition is charged at the in-state rate for all students. While the completion of credit hours is the most common method our students use to qualify for residency, there are a number of situations under which a non-resident can be reclassified as a resident.

New Policy Beginning Fall Semester 2018

University institutional policy will change beginning Fall Semester 2018.  Members of the Class of 2021 classified as non-residents will not be eligible for residency reclassification once they begin their law school studies.  Non-resident students will pay tuition at the non-resident rate for the duration of their law school studies; this includes periods of approved “Leaves of Absence.” Along with this change in University institutional policy, non-resident annual tuition will reduce from $52,766 to approximately $37,000 for the nine-month 2018-19 academic term.  The precise amount of non-resident tuition will be set by the Board of Regents in their Spring 2018 meeting.  This University institutional residency policy supersedes all other means of qualifying for residency reclassification (as outlined in the Board of Regents Policy R512), except for the “Military Service” exceptions found in R512.6.

Reclassification of Residency Prior to Enrollment

If admitted candidates are classified as non-residents and question this assessment or believe they will qualify for Utah resident status before the start of Fall Semester 2018, the admitted candidates may complete the Residency Reclassification Application available on the University web site at:  The University Admissions Office may also be of assistance and can be reached at (801) 581-8761.  Also, the University’s Institutional Policy for residency reclassification is online at: