5 Quick Resume Tips for Soon-to-be-Graduates

  1. Have someone else review your résumé—PDO, faculty, 2 friends. 
  2. For the time being, you will likely keep it to one page.  As time goes on, this may change.
  3. On your job descriptions and interests, be specific.  Job titles can be a great way to convey information and save room.  So, instead of “Associate Attorney” you might say, “Civil Litigation Associate.”   Instead of an interest in “cooking,” say, “cooking Greek dishes.” 
  4. Update your Education section to note that you are no longer a JD candidate and/or your JD is no longer “anticipated,” “expected,” etc. 
  5. When you pass a bar, note it on your resume.  You can have a section entitled “Bar Membership” or “Licensing,” or something along those lines. 

When you are sworn in, the sections may look something like this:


Utah State Bar, Member (License No. 9117)

Before you are sworn in, but after you receive positive results, it can look something like this:


Utah Bar Membership, expected October 2010 (passed July 2010 examination)