100-100 Initiative


Announcing the 100-100 Initiative

Reaching 100% Bar passage and 100% Employment

Student success is our number one priority at the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law. At the September 1 Grand Opening of our new building (see law.utah.edu/new-building), we announced a new 100-100 initiative that set a firm goal of attaining 100% bar passage for first-time takers and 100% full-time professional employment for our new graduates.

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100-100 will help ensure student success. For most law school graduates, success is not possible until two immediate goals are attained: bar exam passage and professional employment. While we are committed to helping our students achieve many different forms of success, at a minimum we must ensure that our graduates are successfully licensed to practice and are employed in rewarding positions. This allows them to put their legal education to benefit their clients and society.

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Focused effort is needed to promote the 100/100 goals. Here are a few examples of the concrete steps we are taking to do so: