Robert W. Swenson Natural Resources Law Scholarship

The Natural Resources Law Forum (NRLF) is a student organization that coordinates activities of College of Law students interested in natural resources and environmental issues. Its main objective is to facilitate contact among those involved in the expanding field of natural resources and environmental law.

Cash Award
Partial Tuition Waiver

This scholarship is open to first- and second-year law students.

Applicants must be members of NRLF.

Application Requirements and Deadline

Applicants must provide a resume and a short personal statement (no more than 2 pages) addressing the applicant’s qualifications, motivations, and personal qualities representative of his or her interest in environmental/natural resources areas. Further, the personal statement should describe the applicant’s academic and career plans, any intended summer placement with a public interest environmental/natural resources organization (if applicable), and previous experience in the environmental/natural resources areas.
Criteria for the fellowship include academic performance, demonstrated commitment in the area of environmental or natural resources law, and a strong desire to work in the environmental/natural resources field. Such commitment may be shown by summer placement in a public interest environmental organization, involvement in NRLF, or prior experience in an environmental/natural resources field.

A Selection Committee with at least one member of the faculty from the environmental/natural resources law area and one board member of NRLF will choose the scholarship recipient.

Due: Spring Semester

For Further Information
Please contact Associate Dean Barbara Dickey.