Snell and Wilmer Diversity Fellowship Program

Snell & Wilmer’s Commitments as Part of the Program:

  1. Provide the Fellow with 8-10 hours of in-office work each week during the Spring Semester (January through April), including writing assignments, research projects, staff support and opportunities to witness court hearings and other legal-related proceedings when possible.
  2. Provide the Fellow with on-going evaluations of work product.
  3. Provide mentoring to the Fellow as appropriate.
  4. Provide the Fellow with a $4,000 stipend for the Semester.

Fellow’s Commitments as Part of the Program:

1. Work 8-10 hours per week at Snell & Wilmer’s Salt Lake City office during the Spring Semester (January through April).
2. Commit to behaving in a professional manner and following all of Snell & Wilmer’s policies and procedures and behaving at all times in a manner consistent with Snell & Wilmer’s expectations of a Snell & Wilmer Fellow.
3. Commit to perform to a high standard consistent with the Fellow’s skills and abilities.
4. Commit to supporting the goals of the Program by sharing the skills learned and the experience received during the Fellow’s Spring Semester at Snell & Wilmer with other students at the Law School.

$4,000 Stipend
Spring internship

Must be a second-year law student and demonstrate a financial need. (More information below.)

Application Requirements & Deadline

Selection Criteria:

  • Academic performance in Law School;
  • Indicia of contribution to the diversity of a professional setting, including such factors as breadth and difficulty of academic background, extracurricular activities, geographic or language background, significant work experience or life-broadening activities, racial or ethnic identity, gender, overcoming disadvantaged socioeconomic, physical or educational circumstances, non-traditional cultural background or other similar information; and
  • Evidence of financial need, shown by providing the most recent financial aid award letter from the University of Utah.
  • Must be a second-year law student

Selection Procedure:

  • All second-year law students at the Law School who would like to be considered for the Program shall submit a resume, unofficial transcript, personal statement (addressing specifically the criterion set forth in Section II.B. above), writing sample and qualify for Law School financial aid (if they have not done so already).
  • Snell & Wilmer will review all properly submitted applications and materials and select students for interviews. If, in Snell & Wilmer’s sole discretion, qualified students have not applied, Snell & Wilmer has no obligation to award the Fellowship.

Due: Fall Semester

For Further Information
Please contact Associate Dean Barbara Dickey.