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The Wallace Stegner Center has continued and expanded the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law’s long history of regular conferences on current topics in natural resources and environmental law, policy, and thought. During the three years since its inception, the Wallace Stegner Center has established an annual symposium series and sponsored other conferences and informal public forums. In each case, the programs have been designed as interdisciplinary inquiries into regional, national, and international environmental issues. Several of the programs have generated publications that are enjoying wide circulation. Drawing upon Wallace Stegner’s inspiration and legacy, the Wallace Stegner Center’s conference and publication program is rapidly establishing the center as a preeminent forum for shaping and disseminating ideas on the West’s critical land, resources, and environmental issues.


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Conferences and Workshops

The Wallace Stegner Center also hosts periodic conferences designed to highlight and examine specific environmental issues of regional or local importance.

Conference Publications

Several publications have emerged from these programs. In the aftermath of the initial symposium series, Wallace Stegner Center Director Robert Keiter edited a volume entitled Reclaiming the Native Home of Hope: Community, Ecology, and the West that was published by the University of Utah Press and features essays by Terry Tempest Williams, Bill Kittredge, Rick Bass, Teresa Jordan, Steve Trimble, Charles Wilkinson, Dan Kemmis, and Dan Flores. Following the national monument program, the Wallace Stegner Center and the Utah Museum of Natural History (UMNH) jointly published Visions of the Grand Staircase-Escalante: Examining Utah’s Newest National Monument, which was edited by Robert Keiter and UMNH Director Sarah George and is being distributed by the University of Utah Press. The book provides the first comprehensive review of the new monument’s natural and human attributes, its planning framework, and the critical issues facing the monument’s stewards and managers. The Wasatch Front transportation conference is memorialized in an EPA-sponsored report that is designed to promote responsible planning throughout the Salt Lake valley and to provide an example for other metropolitan areas. In addition, the law school’s Journal of Land, Resources and Environmental Law has published selections from each of the annual symposiums.