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Health Law Interns

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Laura Anne Taylor (Class of 2014)

Health Law Clinic, Spring 2013

Placement: Intermountain Healthcare, Legal DepartmentSalt Lake City, Utah

Laura Anne worked on multiple research projects related to federal regulatory issues such as health information privacy under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Medicare secondary payer reporting under the Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP Extension Act (MMSEA).  Laura Anne also researched state laws related to pre-litigation panel proceedings in medical malpractice claims, including newly-enacted 2013 legislation regarding apportionment of fault between healthcare providers.  Finally, Laura Anne helped draft and review internal Intermountain policies and procedures such as Maternal Fetal Medicine policies and MMSEA reporting procedures.  The clinic experience was a great introduction to both transactional and litigation issues in the healthcare setting.

 Supervising faculty: Leslie Francis

Michelle Kennedy (Class of 2013)

Health Law Clinic, Fall 2012

Placement: Intermountain Health Care’s Office of General Counsel, Salt Lake City, Utah

Michelle worked on research projects regarding the impact of federal statutes on Intermountain cases, including the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) and Section 1983 civil rights claims. In addition to research assignments, Michelle attended depositions, deposition preparation meetings for employees, Division of Occupation Licensing (DOPL) hearings, and department meetings with both the Litigation Division and Risk Management. These litigation corporate meetings were both learning and networking opportunities. Michelle also learned a great deal about the field of medical malpractice defense, which she had been considering before the placement and is now seeking to practice because of her experiences in the clinic.

Supervising faculty: Leslie Francis

Health Law Clinic, Summer 2012

Placement: Intermountain Health Care’s Intervention Management Office, Salt Lake City, Utah

Michelle got a healthy dose of intellectual property and patent law in this Health Law Clinic placement. She conducted patent searches, performed prior art searches to look for conflicting patents, and drafted Material Transfer Agreements and similar documents for joint research ventures between Intermountain and other collaborating hospitals. She attended meetings with inventors and corporate meetings with the Research & Development team.

Supervising faculty: Leslie Francis

Stephanie Bartlett (Class of 2013)

Legislative Clinic, Fall 2011

Placement: Utah Health Policy Project

Stephanie was assigned to work on several different projects involving Medicaid fraud prevention. She assisted UHPP is presenting information to Utah legislators in order to help them better understand the need for Medicaid fraud prevention and control. This assignment involved preparing issue briefs and attending meetings with legislators and representatives from Utah’s healthcare community. Stephanie also worked with UHPP to create a legal coalition for its Take Care Utah initiative, helping Utah families access affordable healthcare coverage and benefits.

Supervising faculty: Michael Teter