Services for Law Students


Carrels within the library are available to law students. The library maintains a Carrel Directory in the College of Law front office.  Beginning the first day of Fall Term, all 2Ls and 3Ls will be able to come and select a carrel if they do not already have one assigned to them. There will be “Available” signs posted on every carrel that is empty. We maintain a “first come, first serve” policy; therefore, if you would like a carrel in a certain location, please come early. When you have selected a carrel, fill out the information on the “Available” sign (name and graduation year) and bring the carrel slip to Katherine Bushman in the College of Law front office. She will then assign that carrel to you. All library carrels have lights and electrical outlets.  Carrels are not to be moved to another location.  In addition, refrigerators, microwaves, and other such appliances are not allowed.   Switching carrels is permissible, as long as you inform us of the switch so that we may adjust our records.

The carrel is yours until the first full week of August after your law school graduation. You may use your carrel for June and July to study for the bar exam.  Beginning that first full week of August after your graduation, you must clean out your carrel and remove the lock. Locks remaining after that week will be cut off and any items left behind will be taken temporarily to the Lost & Found.

1Ls are assigned lockers but may exchange their locker for a carrel provided there are carrels remaining.  1Ls must wait two weeks into the fall semester to perform this exchange; any attempts to get a carrel before this time will be rejected.

If 2Ls or 3Ls do not want a carrel but would prefer a locker, or would like to switch carrels at any time, please contact Katherine Bushman.

Course Reserves

Most required course materials for the current semester are available for two hour checkout at the circulation desk.


Law students can send or receive faxes domestically for no charge and for international faxes – $1.00 for first page, plus $.10/pg thereafter. Please check in at the circulation desk. The Law Library’s fax number is (801) 585-3033. Payment is due at time of sending or receiving fax.

Besides the Basic and Advanced Legal Research classes offered as part of the law school curriculum, other subject specific courses may be offered in different semesters.  One to two hour classes are offered periodically throughout the year on various topics such as Prepare to Practice, How to Bluebook, Databases Beyond Lexis and Westlaw, and How to Do Environmental Research.


Reference service is available to assist with questions about the collection, to help find specific legal materials, or to set up a research strategy. The reference librarians cannot give legal advice or interpretations of the law; please consult an attorney who is engaged in the practice of law for such help. Much legal research can be done by using computer services. Reference librarians are available to give help and instruction in their use, and in some cases to perform computer searches. Help is also available for areas requiring extra research skill such as legislative histories, administrative law, and international law.  To contact the reference desk, call 801-581-6184, email, or use the Chat feature on the library main page.


A photocopier is located outside the reference room and costs .10/pg.  There is a five minute limit of using the photocopier when others are waiting. A reader-printer for copying microforms is available in the reference room. The photocopier also has scanning capability for law student use.  Using a code, law students may scan and email materials.  If you do not know the code, please request it at the circulation or references desks.

The library has 2 “KIC” (Knowledge Imaging Center) scanners located near the photocopier outside the computer lab and outside the reference room. With this high tech scanner users can create keyword searchable PDFs which can be saved to a flash drive or sent as an email attachment.  The face-up scanning capability enables users to capture multiple pages quickly – books no longer need to be flipped over to turn the page and then flipped back over for each scan or copy.  The scanner can scan book pages without laying the book flat, thus saving the spines of fragile books and it also produces either color or black & white images.

Law students are able to print to network printers located in the library and Gibson Reading Room if they are logged onto their student network account.  Printing is .10/pg and money may be added to a student’s account at the circulation desk.

Study Rooms

Small study rooms can be reserved by law students and/or members of the law school community at the circulation desk or through the online Study Room Scheduler. A group must delegate one of its members to be responsible for reserving the room and may sign up for no more than two hours at a time.