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Level 5
Floor Stack Area Materials
Level 1 Reading Room Reference, Encyclopedias, Practice Materials
Open Shelving New books, Nolo books, current codes (AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, NY, OR, UT, and WA), Utah historical codes and pocket parts, Laws of Utah, Utah House and Senate journals, Utah Reports/Reporter, Pacific Digest, Pacific Reporter, ALRs, US Code, USCA, current CFR
Compact Shelving USCS, Main Monographs JX-KZ
Level 2 Classroom Decennial Digests, Boyce Books
North Shelving and Wall Federal Register (last 5 years), Statutes at Large, USCCAN, Federal digests, Federal reporters, student study aids (wall)
Level 3 Open Shelving (Bridge) Congressional documents (including Serial Set), Select agency documents, Utah agency documents
North Shelving Main monographs A-JV, L-Z
Level 4 Open Shelving (Bridge) Storage monographs A-Z
North Shelving Storage monographs A-Z (cont’d)
Level 5 Open Shelving (Bridge) Journals, Utah briefs, State Reports pre-West