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Student Org and Publication Emails

If you need access to an organization email please send an email to the Dean Dickey for authorization, and have her forward the authorization to the Help Desk at helpdesk@law.utah.edu

Once you’ve gained access, you can now add the account to your email client. Here is how:


Here is a handy step by step guide: Student_org_email
Click on your name (next to Log Off) -> Open Other Mailbox: -> type in student_org_email@law.utah.edu -> Open

Click on File -> Open -> Other User’s Folder -> Type in student_org_email@law.utah.edu

Entourage (Need to upgrade to 2008 Web Services Edition)
Click on open other user’s folder -> type in student_org_email@law.utah.edu in User: field -> select Inbox for Type: -> OK

*Replace student_org_email with your actual student organization, ie pilo, etc.