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Computer Recommendations for New Students

System Requirements

Generally, there are no specific requirements or minimum specifications for hardware or software.  However, the following should be used as a guide for selecting which hardware and software products you may choose to purchase.

  • You will be in Law school for 3 years – choose a good sturdy system (purchase extended warranty)
  • More RAM (memory) is better than more storage (disk) space.  If you need to make a choice as to where to spend your money, choose more RAM.
  • The Law school uses an electronic exam software which only operates on Macs (OSX Leopard or higher) and PCs (Windows Vista or
    higher).  Windows XP or OSX Tiger (10.4) are no longer supported. The exam software will NOT run on tablets, therefore you will need a laptop.
  • Most professors prefer assignments to be submitted in .doc or .docx format.  MS Word or OpenOffice are capable of producing these file formats.  Both are supported by Mac and PC.
  • Wireless network connectivity is pervasive throughout the Law school and the University campus.  It goes without saying that this will be your primary medium for network connectivity.

This being said, you are welcome to take lecture notes (unless in-class laptop or tablet use is prohibited by the professor), do your homework and research, etc., on any piece of hardware you feel most comfortable using.

System Recommendations

If you are planning to purchase a new laptop system, we strongly recommend either a leading Windows PC manufacturer or Apple system. The Law School Technology Services team provides configuration support for WIndows PC laptops, Apple laptops, Apple iPads, and Android based tablets.

Regardless of brand, we strongly recommend purchasing an extended warranty protection package for your new laptop. The University Campus Bookstore sells a third-party protection plan which protects your purchase for 4 years and even covers accidental damage that affects system operation. We recommend purchasing systems from the Campus Bookstore as they are geographically close to the Law school facility and can handle all of your system repair needs.

The Law school Tech Support team provides DIAGNOSTIC ONLY support for system hardware issues.  The Law school tech team has no access to repair parts or facilities.