Legislative Clinic

Legislative Clinic

Available to:  2nd and 3rd year students

Legislative Clinic Guidelines

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The Legislative Clinic introduces students to the skill of legislative drafting, the legislative process involved in a bill becoming law, and the political realities of introducing bills and lobbying their passage

Course:  Legislative Process (2 cr., graded, Fall) This course will explore the legislative process at the federal and state level with an emphasis on Utah’s state legislature. Students will learn how laws are made, the external influences that shape them and several current issues surrounding the Utah initiative process. There will be several opportunities to attend legislative meetings and to participate in hearings. These experiences will greatly enhance the student’s understanding of the legislative process and will provide background for class discussion.

Placement: (2 – 5 cr., P/F, Fall or Spring) Students are placed with elected lawyer members of the Utah House or Senate or with private non-profit organizations that propose or comment upon local legislation.  During Fall Semester, students may work with supervising organizations or elected officials researching and drafting legislation for introduction to the Utah State Legislature.  From January through March, while the legislature is in session, students may work with the supervising organization or legislator following the bill through the process and assisting in amending or otherwise acting to have the bill become law.

Faculty: Professor Jason Perry and Justice John Pearce

Registration & Placement: Students may enroll in the course online. To enroll in the clinic, students must complete the Clinical Program Application Form. Students then consult with Professor Smith regarding their preferred placement.

LAW 7020-001:  Legislative Process       Fall:  Tuesdays 3:10 – 5:20 p.m.

LAW 7021-001:  Legislative Clinic           Fall or Spring (2 – 5 credits) with pre-or co-requisite