Health Law Clinic

Health Law Clinic

Available to: 2nd and 3rd year students

The Health Law Clinic introduces students to current issues in medical care and treatment, including how to assure the quality of care and how to make medical care broadly available.  Students work in a wide variety of settings in which the issues of quality and access arise.  Various health law courses provide a forum for students to share their experiences and explore these issues in greater depth.

Course:  American Health Care System (3 cr., graded, TBD)  The American Health Care System course is designed to introduce law students to the medical personnel, institutions, and health care delivery systems that they will inevitably encounter while participating in a variety of types of actions, including medical malpractice, personal injury, workers compensation, products liability, and age and disability discrimination. The course provides an introduction to the medical training, licensing, and peer review processes (including practical descriptions of the medical personnel hierarchy and the typical responsibilities of trainees and supervising physicians within the treatment team); a discussion of various common practice structures; a review of insurance and other healthcare financing structures (including fee for service, HMOs, and Medicare/Medicaid); and a summary of antitrust constraints on medical providers. This course also includes a policy-oriented discussion of the future of health care delivery and financing.

Law and Biomedicine (Law 7899) taught Spring 2015, may also serve as the academic component for a Health Law Clinic.

Placements:  (2 or 3 cr., P/F every semester with pre- or co-requisite).  Placements are with a variety of health lawyers/health care institutions in the community and may include malpractice counsel, insurance companies, regulatory institutions, or professional associations.  Placements may also be arranged with health care providers or financing organizations.  Placements are individually arranged by the instructor in consultation with the student.   

Faculty: Professors Leslie Francis

Registration and Placement: Students may enroll in the course online. To enroll in the clinic, students must complete the Clinical Program Application Form.  Students then consult with Professor Francis and/or Professor Smith regarding their preferred placement. Students will then be enrolled in the clinic.

LAW 7779-001: American Health Care System     TBD

LAW 7361-001: Health Law Clinic                           Every semester (2-3 credits) with pre- or co-requisite