Arranged Clinic with Directed Study

Arranged Clinic with Directed Study

Arranged Clinic Guidelines

Clinic forms for students

Occasionally a student will have a unique educational interest that is not addressed by the existing curriculum and for which a clinical placement would be useful. If a student has completed any relevant substantive or skills courses, the student may apply to engage in Directed Research with an Arranged Clinical Placement. Approval of such a program requires coordination between the work to be undertaken in an individually selected placement and the reading and writing to be done as directed research. A program of this type is approved by both a faculty supervisor and the Clinical Program Director.

Students have completed Arranged Clinics in these areas, for example:

  • State and Local Government Law Clinic
  • Higher Education
  • Tax – with the IRS

An interested student should explore this option with Professor Linda F. Smith, the Clinical Program Director, early in the student’s academic career.