Public Policy Practicum and Clinic

Public Policy Practicum and Clinic

Available to:  2nd or 3rd year students
Course and Clinic MAY be repeated for credit

Clinic forms for students

This course will involve law students working collaboratively with Professor Nehring to move public policy via public education, legislation, and litigation.  Students will work as full members of a legal team.  The class and the clinic may be taken jointly, or students enrolled in the class may opt to perform clinical work pro bono without enrolling in the clinic.  A minimum of fifty hours of pro bono or clinical work is required.  Enrollment in the class is required.

Course: Public Policy Practicum (2 cr./semester, graded, taught Fall and Spring).  The classroom component of the clinic will focus on the application of theory to practice.  Students will engage with the relevant substantive law, discuss the strategies available to advocates seeking change, confront legal and ethical issues as they arise in their work, receive training on practical legal skills as needed, and reflect upon their experiences.  Students will be graded on a combination of participation and the completion of assignments for the clinical component.   There will be no final exam.  The course may be repeated for credit and is exempt from the law school limit on clinical hours.  Meets Experiential Requirement for graduation.

Placements: (1 3 cr./semester, P/F, Fall and Spring).  The clinical component will be supervised by Professor Nehring.  Acting as a small legal team, Professor Nehring and students will work in close cooperation (with and without outside counsel) on activities that may include interviewing witnesses, drafting legislation, writing reports and press releases, preparing litigation related documents (like deposition outlines or briefs), meeting with policymakers, and conducting media outreach. Although the clinical component is P/F, assignments undertaken for the clinical component will factor into grades assigned for the Public Policy Practicum course.

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Faculty: Professor Lincoln Nehring

Registration & Placement: Students may enroll in the course online. To enroll in the clinic, students must complete the Clinical Program Application Form and submit it with résumé and short statement of interest.

LAW 7844-001: Public Policy Practicum              Fall and/or Spring: Wednesday 8:00 – 10:00 a.m.

LAW 7953-001: Public Policy Clinic                       Fall and Spring (1 – 3 credits)

Additional work WILL APPLY to the Pro Bono Initiative certificate.