Appellate Clinic

Appellate Clinic

Available to: 2nd and 3rd year students

Appellate Clinic Guidelines

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Appellate Clinic students will work on appellate pro bono or governmental cases while participating in a class to learn key appellate practice skills and to reflect upon the experience and observations.  In this clinic students will improve their skills in legal analysis, research and writing as they carry out legal research and draft sections of a brief. Students will also learn about the appellate process and about strategic decision-making (at the trial and appellate levels) necessary to successfully prosecute an appeal.  In these placements, it may be possible to produce a substantial work product that could be included in the student’s portfolio in partial fulfillment of the writing requirement.

Course:  Appellate Practice (3 cr., graded, Fall) An examination of the practical and procedural components of appellate litigation. Students will receive instruction regarding the legal principles and skills involved in appellate practice and, based on a real trial transcript, apply these lessons by researching potential issues, writing an appellate brief and presenting a mock oral argument. The course will meet twice a week: an all-class lecture on a weekday followed by a smaller evening section on a weeknight. This course is recommended, although not required, for students wishing to participate in the Traynor Moot Court Competition. This course satisfies the Experiential Requirement.

Placements (P/F): Students can enroll for 2 – 5 credits, although 3+ credits are preferred. Placements include:

  • Salt Lake Legal Defender Association
  • Office of the Guardian ad Litem – (child abuse, neglect and parental termination)
  • U.S. Attorney’s Office
  • Utah Attorney General’s Office
  • Utah Federal Defenders
  • Zimmerman Jones Booher LLC
  • Other placements may be arranged on an individual basis.

Faculty: Professor Troy Booher

Registration and Placement: This clinic is limited. Students may enroll in the course online. To enroll in the clinic, students must complete the Clinical Program Application Form and submit it with their résumé and a transcript release.

LAW 7097-001: Appellate Practice                                        Fall: Mon. & Thurs. 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

LAW 7868-001: Appellate  Clinic                                           Every semester (3 – 5 credits)

Additional work in certain placements WILL APPLY to the Pro Bono Initiative certificate.