Past Exams and Library Extended Hours

By Melissa Bernstein for the Quinney Library Blog. Did you know that you can access many professors’ past exams and even sample answers online? 1st – Go to the Law Library website, 2nd – Under the section entitled “Library Quick Links” is an option for Exam Reserve – click on this 3rd – The […]

Starting from Scratch: Building China’s Private Healthcare System

By Daniel Barber for the Center for Law and Biomedical Sciences Blog. Being lost in translation is frustrating, especially when important ideas need to be exchanged. Needless to say, in a crowded banquet hall located Chengdu China, a UNESCO city of gastronomy, it wasn’t the famous flower pepper of Chengdu that was making me sweat. […]

Bluebook Session for Students

By Melissa Bernstein for Quinney Library Blog – Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 28, 2014, librarians Suzanne Darais and Ross McPhail will be offering an instructional session on the organization and use of the Bluebook. All students are welcome; first year students are especially encouraged to attend. The class will be from 3-4pm in the Sutherland Moot […]

Law Library Early Closure

By Melissa Bernstein for the Quinney Library Blog. The library will be closing at 3:30pm on Friday, October 17 due to a scheduled power outage. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Banned Books Week: Celebrating the Freedom to Read

Posted by Melissa Bernstein to the Quinney Library Blog. September 21-27 is Banned Books Week, an annual event celebrating the freedom to read. Banned Books Week brings together the entire book community – librarians, booksellers, publishers, journalists, teachers, and readers of all types – in shared support of the freedom to seek and to express […]

Prostitution, Child Predators and the Internet

By Ronda Woolston for – Like many facets of life, the advent of the Internet and related technology is changing the sex industry and how child sex predators (hereinafter “predators”) can be tracked down. Prostitutes can now use the Internet not only to advertise their services but also to avoid danger. While predators have found […]

Finally Sitting at the Grownups’ Table

By Jim Holtkamp for Last March I had the once-in-a-career experience of meeting with senior officials of the China National Peoples’ Congress (NCP) and the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) to discuss strengthening laws to enforce environmental standards. On March 5, Premier Li Keiqang “declared war on pollution” at the opening of the annual […]

Thank You For A Great Night at Our Mentor Social!

Thank you everyone who attended the mentor social at Gracies. Be on the lookout for information about our new online mentor matching program, Mentor U. Also, check out our photos from the night on Instagram @sjqmentor.

Six Ways to Begin Building a Network

There are many things I wish I’d done earlier, and one of them is starting to build my network of contacts. Now, let’s make sure we are talking about the right thing – networking and marketing are not the same. They are related, certainly, but really networking is a subset of marketing. So when I’m […]

Interview for “Fit”

Employers generally acknowledge that technical skills account for only 25% of any new professional’s success at work. The employees who thrive possess a series of soft skills—communication, networking, time management, teamwork—and they naturally “fit.” “Fit” relates to how well a potential new hire syncs with the culture or the core values, behaviors and personalities that […]