Can EDR Practices Benefit from Learner-Centered Teaching Strategies?

By CK Miller for It’s a lush forest scene: trees surround you, the ground is moist and spongy with moss, and above you stretches a seemingly endless canopy filled with lianas and vines. If I ask you to notice all the different green items in this environment, some would immediately pop out: such as […]

Building Trust with the Public in Your Decision-Making Process

By Leah Jaramillo for Public participation can be considered risky or a chore, particularly when an issue or decision is highly technical and requires a lot of education to build understanding. I’ve had technical experts tell me that people just don’t understand the information they are sharing or get focused on technicalities that are […]

Addressing Complex Issues with Trauma-informed Approaches

By Mary Dumas, Dumas & Associates, Inc. for Complexity & Confusion In conditions of complexity, it’s important to remember that data do not make decisions, people do! Complex issues occur at international scales, such as peacemaking post conflict, addressing poverty and migration, as well as locally in terms of homelessness and adaption to climate […]

Wisdom from the Experts: Collaboration and Alternative Dispute Resolution in the West

By Danya Rumore for I often find myself wishing I had more opportunities to learn from other facilitators’ and collaboration professionals’ trials, tribulations, and successes. I was therefore excited that the Western Governors’ Association hosted a webinar on “Collaboration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Tools” on August 29, 2018. Since I suspect many others are, […]

Don’t Believe Everything You Think: The Pitfalls of Cognitive Bias

By Douglas Thompson This post originally appeared on Consensus Building Institute’s blog on May 22, 2018. We are reposting it with Douglas Thompson’s permission. A woman tearfully recounts her battle with breast cancer, attributing its cause to the nearby Superfund site. “Don’t tell me the toxic pollution wasn’t the cause. No one else in my […]

Rock and Roll: Use the Triangle of Satisfaction to Design and Facilitate Effective Collaboration

By Nedra Chandler This post originally appeared on Cadence blog February 28, 2018. We are reposting it with Nedra Chandler’s permission. Humans can be Bermuda Triangles of needs. If you are a leader, team participant, or facilitator of collaborative work of any kind, I promise you at least one insight you can use and apply […]

State Invests Millions in Conflict Resolution: A Case Study

By Katherine Daly for This year, one state in the nation will invest more than $1 million to support public policy and community-based conflict resolution and collaborative implementation. Perhaps more surprising is the fact that this amount is appropriated every year, and that the state has slowly and steadily increased its funding for conflict […]

The Power of Vulnerability in Conflict Resolution

By Rachel Caldwell for “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, change” – Dr. Brené Brown Stepping into Vulnerability I recently joined fifteen peers from my professional network to participate in a workshop designed to tackle challenging topics on personal and professional values, ethics, and morals. The workshop provided a forum for us to […]

What We Can Learn from Bees About Building Consensus

By Michele Straube for At times, a group of outraged stakeholders can feel like a swarm of bees. Initially, stakeholders are sweet as honey . . . until they hit you with the stinger.  That’s certainly not the kind of connection between bees and collaborative problem-solving I have in mind.  But surprisingly, bees have […]

Unraveling Complex Issues – Collaboration around the Great Salt Lake

By Dianne Olson for Discussing something as significant as the Great Salt Lake involves landscape level topics such as water use among three states that impacts what flows into the lake – or – issues at the microscopic level and the unique ecosystems that thrives or perishes based on the salinity of the water. […]