Connect with Students

Connect with Students

Are you or attorneys in your organization interested in becoming a mentor of a current law student, please visit our mentoring webpage,

Student Information

Fast Facts about SJQ Students 2013-2014:

  • 364 JD enrollment
  • 96 Colleges & Universities represented
  • 19% with graduate degree in over 25 different disciplines
  • 58% fluent in foreign language
  • Average Age: 27.6; Age range: 21-58

Percentile Report

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Student Organizations

SJQ students are active, diverse, and talented.  The majority are involved in at least one of over 25 different student organizations with a variety of purposes.  Descriptions of the student organizations, along with the names and contact information of each group’s current leadership, can be found here.

Host Event or Reception

Even if you are not looking to hire, we welcome the opportunity for you to help our current students and recent graduates in their professional development and career search.  Attorneys provide much needed help by participating in our mock interviews, serving as a mentor, meeting with students in an informal setting to discuss their practice, or presenting at one of our career-related presentations.  If you are interested in reaching out to our students and recent grads in such a manner, please let us know.