Finally Sitting at the Grownups’ Table

By Jim Holtkamp for Last March I had the once-in-a-career experience of meeting with senior officials of the China National Peoples’ Congress (NCP) and the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) to discuss strengthening laws to enforce environmental standards. On March 5, Premier Li Keiqang “declared war on pollution” at the opening of the annual […]

Degrade and Destroy

By Amos Guiora for the Global Justice Blog. [Note: This Global Justice Blog post is a counterpoint to a post earlier in the week by Professor Wayne McCormack titled, "Obama-Bashing Lets the Jihadists Suck Us In Again." Professor Guiora also asked that we link to President Obama's comments on ISIL dated September 10, 2014]   […]

Obama-Bashing Lets the Jihadists Suck Us In Again

by Wayne McCormack for the Global Justice Blog. [Note: I have three close colleagues and friends with on-the-ground combat experience on whom I tried a draft of this essay. I have never been in a military uniform and never fired a weapon. My friend and colleague Amos Guiora disagreed with my rant but promised to […]

The Use of Gender-Based Violence During Armed Conflicts

By Stephanie Lewis for the Global Justice Blog Acts of sexual violence against both men and women have often been used as a military tactic during times of armed conflict. The Statute of the International Criminal Court is the first instrument in international criminal law that explicitly recognizes rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy, […]

The Secret to Getting a Law Job is Meeting Lots and Lots of Attorneys. Here’s How.

By Jess Hofberger for Career Brief Blog. You may have noticed that you are starting to get invitations to events hosted by the Professional Development Office. Participation in these type of events is crucial to your future career options. Make it a habit to attend these events (but don’t feel like you have to attend […]

Change is coming

By Jess Hofberger for Career Brief Blog. Change is coming. The legal world is evolving and the best place to find a job, might not be where you expect. Check out this short radio interview on the future of law, So You Want to Be a Lawyer broadcast on WNYC »

New KIC Scanner

By Melissa Bernstein for the Quinney Library Blog. The library recently purchased a second KIC scanner which is now up and running in the library computer lab by the IT Help Desk. A unique feature of this scanner is that it has a SmartDoc attached which allows you to send your scan directly to your […]

Comfortable with Uncertainty: Collaboration in the Time of Forest Plan Revision

By Kathleen Bond for EDR What’s the key to involving stakeholders in the plan revision process? Be adaptive, flexible, and strive to provide a meaningful, substantive experience for both the Forest and participants. The Cibola National Forest (Forest) New Mexico is one of eight national forests selected to be an early adopter of the new […]

A World Under Watch: The Promises and Threats of Surveillance in the United States and the Philippines

by Justin Hosman By Justin Hosman, 3L, for  The Greek God Argus Panoptes was endowed with a hundred eyes and, for obvious reasons, was known as a skilled watchman. He was even capable of maintaining his watch while sleeping because a few of his eyes would stay awake while the others slept. The story […]

Straight from the Source: Christensen and Jensen

By Jess Hofberger for Career Brief Blog. The first in a series of conversations with legal employers. This episode is a discussion with Heidi Goebel of Christensen and Jensen. Listen to the episode »