Continuing Legal Education

Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

The S.J. Quinney College of Law offers Utah State Bar Continuing Legal Education credit for attorneys who attend our live events. As a service to our legal community, we also offer self-study CLE through our video archive. Also see CLE videos on the College of Law YouTube channel »

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Members of the Utah State Bar can watch one of the videos below, request a CLE completion certificate, and submit the CLE request ($15 fee) to the Utah State Bar using Self-Study Form 5. The CLE videos may be accepted by other states. Check with your local bar association. By accepting a College of Law CLE completion certificate you are certifying that you watched the CLE course in its entirety. Self-study is subject to state bar approval.

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“Lawyers on active status with a compliance period ending June 30, of a given reporting period are required to complete a minimum of 24 hours of Utah approved CLE, which shall include a minimum of three hours of accredited ethics. One of the ethics hours shall be in the area of professionalism and civility.”

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College of Law CLE event video archive on YouTube

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Pre April 2015 CLE event video archive

Date Title Credits Categories Expertise
Nov 03, 2011Lynn Scarlett: Managing Public Lands in a Changing Climate1CLEClimate Change, Environmental Law, Public Lands
Nov 15, 2011Lesley McAllister: Co-Regulation in Mexican Environmental Law1CLEEnvironmental Law
Jan 17, 2012The Wasatch Choice for 2040: A Regional Vision for Land Use and Transportation1CLEEnvironmental Law, Public Lands
Feb 06, 2012Fordham Debate 20121CLEConstitutional Law, Health Law
Feb 07, 2012Renewable Energy Development and Finance: Market Drivers and Key Contractual Relationships1CLEEnergy Law, Environmental Law
Feb 09, 2012Electric Power in a Carbon Constrained World6CLEEnergy Law, Environmental Law
Feb 24, 2012Three Years after Lehman: Assessing the Regulatory Reforms on the Next Financial Crisis5CLELaw and Economics, Securities Regulation
Mar 08, 2012Wallace Stegner Lecture with Philip J. Landrigan1CLEEnvironmental Law, Health Law
Mar 09, 2012Silent Spring at 50: The Legacy of Rachel Carson11CLEEnvironmental Law
Mar 27, 2012Salt Lake City’s Sustainable Code Revision Initiative1CLEEnvironmental Law
Apr 09, 2012The Future of the World’s Birds in the 21st Century1CLEEnvironmental Law
Sep 18, 2012Energy Development on Utah’s BLM Lands1CLEEnergy Law, Environmental Law, Public Lands
Oct 16, 2012Watershed Institutions in the U.S.: Emergence and Evolution1CLEEnvironmental Law, Water Law
Nov 05, 2012Leary Lecture: Michele Bratcher Goodwin1CLEFamily Law, Health Law
Nov 07, 2012Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money: Investing as if Food, Farms, and Fertility Mattered1CLEEnvironmental Law
Nov 13, 2012Report Card on Environmental Dispute Resolution in Utah: Incomplete, But Showing Progress1CLEEnvironmental Dispute Resolution, Environmental Law
Nov 28, 2012Victims of Environmental and Other Crimes: Who Has Been Harmed?1CLECriminal Law, Environmental Law
Jan 17, 2013Confronting the Challenge of Environmental Change on the Colorado Plateau1CLEEnvironmental Law
Feb 01, 2013Law Review Symposium 20136.5CLE, CLE EthicsEthics, International Law
Feb 07, 2013Because It’s There: The Alpine Route to Environmentalism1CLEEnvironmental Law
Feb 15, 2013Perpetual Conservation Easements: What Have We Learned and Where Should We Go From Here?4CLEEnvironmental Law, Public Lands
Feb 28, 201329th Annual Jefferson B. Fordham Debate1CLEGovernment, Law and Economics
Mar 01, 2013Austerity vs. Growth: Lessons for the US Economy5CLELaw and Economics, Securities Regulation
Mar 07, 2013Energy Development and Protecting Utah’s Red Rock Wilderness- Not Inherently Inconsistent Goals1CLEEnvironmental Law
Mar 25, 2013Beyond Ski Link: Transportation, Water, and the Future of the Wasatch Canyons1CLEEnvironmental Law, Water Law
Mar 28, 2013Utah’s Wasatch Range: Four Season Refuge1CLEEnvironmental Law
Apr 11, 2013Wallace Stegner Lecture1CLEEnvironmental Law, Religion
Apr 12, 201318th Annual Symposium: Religion, Faith and the Environment10CLE, CLE EthicsEnvironmental Law, Religion
Sep 26, 2013Green Bag: To Conserve Unimpaired1CLEEnvironmental Law, Natural Resources, Public Lands
Oct 10, 2013Green Bag: Nine Mile Canyon1CLEEnvironmental Law
Oct 24, 201330th Annual Jefferson B. Fordham Debate1CLEGovernment, International Law
Nov 01, 2013A Delicate Balance of Innovation and Access: The Future of Gene Patenting2.5CLEBioethics, Health Law
Nov 08, 2013Law Review Symposium: Governing the United States in 20206CLEConstitutional Law, Government
Jan 10, 2014Center for Global Justice: Human Trafficking Workshop1CLEHuman Rights, International Law
Jan 16, 2014Green Bag: Robin Craig – New Directions in State Public Trust Doctrines in a Climate Change Era1CLEClimate Change, Environmental Law
Jan 21, 2014Kate Kendell: Windsor, Amendment 3, and the Future of the LGBT Fight for Justice and Equality1CLEFamily Law, Gender
Jan 23, 2014David Deisley- Free, Prior, and Informed Consent: Observations on the Role of Extractive Industries in Advancing Human Rights for Indigenous Peoples1CLEEnvironmental Law, Human Rights, International Law
Jan 29, 2014Stegner Lecture with Cynthia Barnett – Blue Revolution: Unmaking America’s Water Crisis1CLEEnvironmental Law, Natural Resources, Water Law
Jan 30, 2014Green Bag: Peter Geddes – American Prairie Reserve: Building America’s First 21st Century Park in an Era of Government Retrenchment1CLEEnvironmental Law, Natural Resources
Jan 31, 2014Changing Sex/Changing Sexuality — Reimagining the Mutability of Sex, Gender and Sexual Orientation in Science and Law5.5CLEGender
Feb 06, 2014Stegner Lecture with Lucy Moore – Common Ground on Hostile Turf: Stories from an Environmental Mediator1CLEEnvironmental Dispute Resolution, Environmental Law
Feb 14, 2014International Law Colloquium: Odette Lienau1CLEInternational Law
Feb 24, 2014Colleen Murphy: Justice in Transitional Contexts1CLEInternational Law
Feb 25, 2014Stegner Lecture with Todd Wilkinson – Plutocrats, Friends Or Foes? How Ted Turner Became A Billionaire and Plans To Give It All Away Tackling The Major Environmental Issues Of Our Time1CLEEnvironmental Law
Feb 28, 2014The Other Side of Reproductive Rights: The Untold Story and Ethics of Modern Eugenics3CLE, CLE EthicsEthics, Health Law
Mar 03, 2014Ambassador in Residence with June Carter Perry1CLEGender, International Law
Mar 20, 2014International Law Colloquium: Dan Bodansky1CLEClimate Change, Environmental Law, International Law
Mar 26, 2014Wallace Stegner Center Lecture – Past and Future Yellowstones: Finding Our Way in Wonderland1CLEEnvironmental Law
Mar 27, 201419th Annual Symposium – National Parks: Past, Present and Future9CLEEnvironmental Law, Natural Resources
Mar 31, 201448th Annual Leary Lecture – The Endless Battle for State Immigration Crimes1CLEConstitutional Law, Immigration
Nov 14, 2013Green Bag: Planning Utah’s Water Future1CLEEnvironmental Law, Water Law
Sep 26, 201450th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act Conference6CLEEnvironmental Law
Oct 23, 2014Stegner Lecture Series: Nature’s Trust1CLEEnvironmental Law
Nov 21, 2014Industry Environmental Compliance Conference6CLE, CLE EthicsEnvironmental Law
Nov 07, 2014Law Review Symposium 20144CLE, CLE EthicsHealth Law
Mar 12, 2015Stegner Center Young Scholar Lecture1CLEEnergy Law, Environmental Law
Nov 04, 2014Stegner Center Green Bag: Our Public Lands1CLEEnvironmental Law, Public Lands
Oct 07, 201431st Annual Jefferson B. Fordham Debate1CLEBusiness, Constitutional Law, Corporate Law, Government
Mar 10, 201549th Annual William H. Leary Lecture1CLEGlobal Justice, Health Law
Dec 02, 2014Stegner Lecture with Jim Steenburgh1CLEClimate Change, Environmental Law
Feb 05, 2015Stegner Center Green Bag: Malcolm Stewart1CLEEnvironmental Law
Mar 04, 2015Wallace Stegner Lecture1CLEEnvironmental Law
Feb 11, 2015Establishing the Rule of Law in Afghanistan1CLEInternational Law
Feb 12, 2015The Invisible Crime: Human Trafficking in Utah1CLEHuman Rights
Apr 15, 2015A Dialogue on LGBT Rights and Religious Liberties1CLECivil Rights, Gender, Religion