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The data and descriptions on this Web site provide information from our perspective at a specific point in time. Like a photograph, they cannot fully evoke the special history, culture, and collegiality of our law school. These important attributes cannot be reduced to statistics, words, or pictures. Instead, they must be experienced first hand. We are committed to providing a supportive learning environment that allows every student to develop his or her full potential. Sitting in on a class and taking a tour give you the opportunity to develop your own perspective and see for yourself the attributes of the S.J. Quinney College of Law.

Students are also encouraged to attend our Application and Financial Aid Workshops this fall. For dates and times, please view our Recruitment Calendar


Spring 2014 Class Visit and Tour Schedule

Visits to the College of Law are scheduled through the Admissions Office and are offered Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Below is the class visit schedule for the spring semester. Tours are usually scheduled before or after a class and are led by our Student Ambassadors or Admissions staff. Please contact our office 2-3 days before your planned visit so that arrangements can be made with the professor of the course and a tour guide.

Class visits will be available through April 11. Visits will not be available on January 20 (Martin Luther King Jr Day), February 17 (Presidents Day), March 10-14 (Spring Break), and March 28.

Monday 1:40-2:55 Property* Robin Craig
  3:15-5:10 Business Organizations           Ralph Mabey
Tuesday 7:35-9:00 Water Law Robin Craig
  1:40-3:05 Patent Law Amelia Rinehart
  5:25-7:25 Evidence Dee Benson
Wednesday           9:20-10:35 Constitutional Law I* Michael Teter
  10:45-12:00           Criminal Law* Shima Baradaran          
Thursday 10:45-12:10 Bioethics and the Law Teneille Brown
  1:40-3:05 Constitutional Law II Cliff Rosky
Friday 10:45-12:00 Criminal Law* Carissa Hessick
  10:45-12:00 Criminal Procedure Amos Guiora

*Required 1L course

For course descriptions, please visit http://law.utah.edu/admissions/aba-info/course-list/


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Downtown Salt Lake City, which is about 10 minutes away by car or public transportation, has many lodging options. Visit www.visitsaltlake.com/ for more information. 

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