Pioneer Day Closure

By Melissa Bernstein for the Faust Library Blog – The Library will be closed on Monday, July 24 for Pioneer Day. The Reference Desk will be closing at noon on Friday, July 21.

Breaking the Natural Resources Gridlock with Consensus Building

By Gina Bartlett for This post originally appeared on Consensus Building Institute’s blog Feb. 6, 2017. We are reposting it with Gina Bartlett’s permission. In California, where I live, rarely a week goes by when the headlines aren’t putting a magnifying glass on the climate shifts in the West and their impact on our […]

Online Payment System

By Melissa Bernstein for the Faust Library Blog – The Library has launched a new, online payment platform for library fines, permits, document delivery, and all other payments. The link to UMarket is available from the Library homepage (where it says ‘Pay Library Fines’). Please note that there is no way to process refunds so […]

Fostering Productive Dialogue in Divided Times

By Griffin Smith for People being viciously attacked—verbally and physically—just because they are a certain race, ethnicity, religion, or simply trying to fly war torn countries. Vitriol flying back and forth across social media. Friends, neighbors, and even family members that no longer speak to each other because of how they voted in the […]

Library Closed for July 4th

By Melissa Bernstein for the Faust Library Blog – The reference desk will be closing at noon on Monday, July 3. The law library will be closed on Tuesday, July 4 for Independence Day. We will reopen on Wednesday, July 5 at 8am.

A Need—and an Opportunity—for Leadership

By Danya Rumore for In every challenge, there is an opportunity. There is no doubt that we live in challenging times. One need only read the national or local news to find multiple examples of societal frustration, political turmoil, ideological divides, environmental degradation, and numerous other challenges. The question is: how do we leverage […]

No Public Printing

By Melissa Bernstein for the Faust Library Blog – Beginning next week (the week of June 19th), the law library will no longer offer printing services to the public. Printing is available for a fee at the Marriott Library or at the FedEx located at 200 University Street. We apologize for the inconvenience.

I’ll See You in Court: Litigation and Collaborative Land Management

By Ian Summers for Litigation over public land management has become a contentious topic in recent news. Industry groups and ranchers are pressuring the new Congress and Administration to end what they deem “abusive” litigation tactics used by environmental groups against grazing and other federal land projects involving the private sector.  It’s within this […]

Faust Law Library closed Monday, May 29

By Melissa Bernstein for the Faust Library Blog – The Law Library will be closed on Monday, May 29 for Memorial Day.  The Reference Desk will be closing at noon on Friday, May 26.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Future of Indian Water Rights in the West

By Nils Lofgren for Water is an important and essential commodity for people living in the western United States today. Water is just as important for Indians living on reservation lands in the western states. As the importance of water increases a new trend has begun in the west, Indian tribes are creating settlements […]