Two Sources of Turmoil in a Divided America

By James R. Holbrook for The Sixties and early Seventies were a time of great turmoil in a divided America, including the assassinations of JFK, MLK, and RFK; the civil rights movement; the Vietnam War and our invasion of Cambodia; and Watergate and Nixon’s forced resignation. Today we are in another period of great […]

Fair Use Week

By Melissa Bernstein for the Faust Library Blog – We are in the midst of Fair Use Week, which celebrates the importance of fair use for libraries, students, teachers, journalists, creators, and the public. Fair use provisions of the copyright law allow use of copyrighted materials on a limited basis for specific purposes without requiring […]

Presidents’ Day Closure

By Melissa Bernstein for the Faust Library Blog – The Law Library will be closed on Monday, February 20 for Presidents’ Day. The reference desk will be closing at noon on Friday, February 17.

E Pluribus Unum (out of many one)

This post originally appeared on Consensus Building Institute’s blog in October 13, 2016. We are reposting it with the Patrick Field’s permission. By Patrick Field for Consider editing a major planning document with 5 federal agencies, 3 agencies each in 6 states, 15 non-profit organizations, three to four layers each. That equals ninety commenters and […]

Children’s School Lunches: Their History and Potential Future

By Alexis Juergens for In 1946, Congress passed the National School Lunch Act. This act states that “It is hereby declared to be the policy of Congress, as a measure of national security to safeguard the health and well-being of the Nation’s children and to encourage the domestic consumption of nutritious agricultural commodities and other food, […]

President Trump Reinstates the Mexico City Policy a.k.a “Global Gag Rule”

President Trump Reinstates the Mexico City Policy a.k.a “Global Gag Rule”: Is this constitutional under USAID v. Alliance for Open Society? By Kendra Brown for Title X of the Public Health Services Act regulates the reward of grants that can be provided to foreign health providers that provide family planning services.[1] Section 300a-6 provides […]

EDR Blog Year in Review: 2016

By Angela Turnbow In 2016, we posted 26 blogs from 24 of authors. Many of our blog posts featured inspiring examples of collaboration. Several authors described ways in which opposing parties have—or currently are—working through environmental and public policy conflicts in ways that reflect the values and needs of all involved. Other posts illuminated the […]

First Major Revision to Common Rule for Human Subjects Research Released

On January 18, 2017, the Obama Administration finalized the first major overhaul of the so-called Common Rule for human subjects research which was first adopted in 1991.  The new rule applies to twenty different federal agencies funding research on human subjects, including the Department of Health and Human Services (which includes the National Institutes of […]

From Question to Connection: Building Bridges with Appreciative Inquiry

By Barbara E. Lewis for Now more than ever, those of us who practice community engagement are acutely aware of how polarized ”the publics” have become. More and more, people connect with others who are like them, gather information from sources that confirm their values, and participate by checking a box or posting a […]

Law Library Closure

By Melissa Bernstein for the Faust Library Blog – The Law Library will be closed on Monday, January 16 for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The Reference Desk will close on Friday, January 13 at 12 noon. We will reopen on Tuesday, January 17 at 7am.